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I have added a detailed content and silo course training series below this original and initial content here on this page.

Please note that you should also go to the training dashboard for the training course on images.

The video training will appear there sooner or later too.


There are three really important things you need to know about images.

  1. They must be relevant for that page or post.
  2. They must look great – you know – not blurry, not pixelating and more.
  3. They must be really well optimized. This means that you must make each image as small in size as possible without compromising the quality, and at the same time be optimized with meta-tagging details.

I will show you these basics first as image sizes are very important when it comes to how fast your website loads and Google is like a serious critic on that subject and ranks your site accordingly.

Other – Podcasting, Graphics.

OK, so for now, I am just blurting out some vague things here, but there are a lot of other content things like infographics that fall under images but also fall under other content sections.

As and when these crop up I will be teaching you how and when to use them for your businesses.

Content is the thing you are going to be doing forever.

With anything you do online – from a business point of view – some things are only done once (installing WordPress for example) and others are ongoing.

The content needs for 90% of all the ways that you will be taught here on this site to make an income will need to be a continuous thing.

I will be covering the following things that relate to content training in a lot of detail right here in this section.

Written content.

Your written content is by far the most important from two points of view.

It is what people will see and read (and believe or not) as the main source of educating visitors as to what your products or services are.

Um, that was not quite right, but I think you get what I mean.

Then, it is also what GOOGLE sees and uses to decide where to rank pages, images, videos and entire websites based on how you have set up and published all your written media (this also counts for other media too)

Video Content.

Video marketing is a massive way to keep your visitors attention and equally a great way to drive traffic to your website.

I will teach you how video marketing works, I will show you the tools that you need to have to create videos, I will show you how to do keyword research for great viral videos and more, I will teach you how to optimize your videos on your site and on social media places – especially on Youtube.

This entire content thing will never be finished, so I will teach you the basics fast, and then keep on adding posts and video tips for you to use and apply on an ongoing basis forever.


The full Training course below

The Videos

Content and Silo Course – Video 1 – Introduction

Content and Silo Course – Video 2 – Page Type

Content and Silo Course – Video 3 – Types of content

Content and Silo Course – Video 4 – Keywords

Content and Silo Course – Video 5 – written content

Content and Silo Course – Video 6 – Video content

Content and Silo Course – Video 7 – Images

Content and Silo Course – Video 8 – Pillar Pages

Content and Silo Course – Video 9 – Infographics

Content and Silo Course – Video 10 – Other

The Blog

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